Frankfurter Barstool specifications & prices

In restaurants, bars or cafés the Frankfurter Barstool is welcoming and inviting – especially thanks to its comfortable backrest – to spend some time in it.

Due to its slightly feminine-looking back panel and its elegant simplicity, it is a worthy addition to its big brother, the Frankfurter Chair, and even has the makings to become a classic.


Backrest height: approx. 111 cm
Width of seat, front: approx. 39.5 cm
Seat height: approx.. 85 cm


  • Solid beech
  • Head piece and seat frame: steam-bent
  • Seat surface: rounded beech plywood


  • Polished, untreated
  • Oiled
  • Natural matt varnished
  • Beech, stained black, matt varnished
  • Aged cherry (red brown)
  • Stained white, matt varnished

All available colours on request

Seat upholstery, analogous to the Frankfurt chair is available here. Choice of coverings, preferentially real leather, black.

Seat gliders

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Felt


Specification Price per chair
Polished, untreated 259.- Euro
Oiled 276.- Euro
Natural, matt varnished 276.- Euro
Stained black, matt varnished 276.- Euro
Aged cherry (red brown) 276.- Euro
Stained white, matt varnished 292.- Euro

The indicated prices are incl. 19% VAT.

The price includes free delivery (delivery included only in Germany). Chair glides are also included in the price.

Prices on request for other specifications such as choice of colours or for orders of six or more.